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LP Rabat

Catering - Pastry - Chocolate - Confectioner - Restaurant

Unsurpassed quality

LP Rabat accompanies you in the organization

of your private receptions and ceremonies.

Let yourself be tempted by our multi-sensory gastronomy.

Our Ramadan specialities

Discover our specialities for Ramadan

We offer you Ramadan dishes composed of original Moroccan recipes recipes that will brighten up your Ramadan table, salty and sweet and sweet Moroccan delicacies prepared with care and delicacy to to satisfy both your eyes and your taste buds.

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Discover our specialities

LP Rabat, exceptional caterer for over 20 years !

The excellence of our products is based on two ingredients: our ancestral know-how and the creativity of our pastry chefs for generations.


Our Philosophy

LP Rabat, exceptional caterer for over 20 years !

Founded in 1998, LP Rabat is a catering company based in Rabat whose range of action extends throughout Morocco. It puts its know-how at your disposal for the study, design, realization and management of professional events:

• Breakfast, buffet, cocktail, meal served at the table

• Seminars, business meetings, inauguration, anniversaries, etc.
• Event decoration, floral decoration, staff availability
• Gastronomic entertainment, musical entertainment

And let's not forget family parties, weddings and other family events.


Traditional & International

• Welcoming and listening, in order to create a lasting relationship of trust combining proximity and conviviality.

• Analyze and understand the demand in order to offer you a personalized service.
• Advise on our knowledge and references.
• Present clear commercial proposals, detailed and complete estimates.
• Accompany and follow our customers for services in accordance with their expectations.
• Present and arrange receptions with elegance, professionalism and trend.
• Measure the satisfaction of our customers by a post service follow-up.

our services

Catering - Pastry - Chocolate - Confectioner - Restaurant

LP Rabat

Today, LP Rabat is the guarantor of a true Moroccan and international gastronomic heritage: a knowledge passed on from chef to chef, driven by the same desire: to create recipes for refined ready meals.

LP Rabat selects its raw materials from human-scale producers who are concerned about preserving the true taste of food while being attentive to local and sustainable development. This is a commitment to honor a cuisine that is both timeless and creative.


Pastry chef

LP Rabat offers you varied recipes with the ambition to celebrate with you the small and big occasions of your life.

Everything is homemade with top quality products: from lemon cake to a thousand layers as they are no longer made, including ganaches with a taste of jasmine, honey, aniseed, blackcurrant, candied orange, quince fruit pastes, macaroons and a thousand other wonders. 


Fine chocolates with their fondant ganaches and delicate pralines, intense tablets or small delicacies such as our truffelines and perfumed orangettes, make up our palette of chocolate pleasures that will reveal themselves to your taste buds...


Fondant ganaches, delicate pralines, as well as many confectionery specialities such as marrons glacés or calissons.


Our vocation is to make consumers, young and older, discover and love confectionery for their pleasure and well-being, while meeting their expectations of quality and food safety. This makes LP Rabat the professional confectionery and chocolate maker on the national market.


Our Terrace has an informal family atmosphere where you can enjoy our freshly prepared dishes as well as our juices and drinks to be sipped in the open air in the centre of the Agdal in a cosy and friendly environment.

Our Restaurant is equipped with an indoor room, a covered terrace and a second open-air terrace.


Our Addresses

With our three flagship stores in Rabat, we are committed to satisfying our customers whatever their desires

Royal Nautique Club Bouregreg

Royal Nautique Club Sid El Abed

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